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Summer Holiday Ideas
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Busy Bee Cross Country Fence

A cute solid roll top style cross country fence.
  • £170.00

Large Dressage Markers with Animals

Large Multi Coloured Dressage Markers, featuring animal & with your Club or Sponsor!
  • £79.00

Parallel Block Jump

2 Parallel blocks and 2 poles.
  • £172.00

Sloping Block Jump

2 Sloping blocks and 3 poles.
  • £214.00

Spread Set

2 Sloping, 2 Parallel blocks and 5 poles.
  • £386.50

X Block Set

4 X blocks and 3 poles.
  • £267.00

Mini Intro Set

Maximum height 73cm.
  • £717.00

Moundy Cross Country Fence

A solid all green curve topped cross country fence.
  • £119.00

Wave Cross Country Fence

A gentle curved fence with a fun blue wave top, looks great when used in multiples.
  • £200.00

Spotty Cross Country Fence

A fun colourful 30cm or 40cm high cross country fence .
  • £121.00

Mouse House Cross Country Fence

Very cute! 30cm or 40cm high cross country fence.
  • £171.00

Flag Race Kit

Includes 2 flag cones, 5 flags and carry tube. Now also available in pink as well as mixed colours.
  • £62.00
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